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Wildfire Hydraulic Grid



Wildfire Barrier

HYDRO FIREBREAK provides a barrier against wildfires nearing inhabited areas, industrial or agricultural. Our system creates a mist water wall that acts as a firebreak, reducing the ambient temperature and preventing the spread of the fire by radiation. The hydraulic grid also includes high-power sprinklers that can wet up to 35 meters around its perimeter.

Our modular system allows for the easy addition of new sections to protect extensive areas of land. The system is designed to be installed surrounding the protected areas through an installation system — also patented — that includes: automated activation with temperature sensors, redundant protection system through a network of hydrants, water supplies, and independent electricity generators from the public grid.

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Water Mist Sprinklers

The perimeter conduit incorporates high-capacity sprinklers that can disperse water up to 35 meters around the system's perimeter, ensuring a protection range of up to 85 meters wide that guarantees containment of even the most destructive forest fires.

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Modular Hydraulic Grid

Our exclusive patented hydraulic grid consists of interconnecting ducts of 3.75 meters that form modules of 15 x 45 meters, which can be easily joined together. The interior ducts have high-capacity water mist sprinklers evenly distributed.


high capacity sprinklers

HYDRO FIREBREAK modules have standard anti-fire couplings on each corner, allowing them to be interconnected or connected to the water supply. They also have temperature sensors arranged along their perimeter, enabling water flow activation to be automated.

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Hydro Firebreak is a reliable and efficient solution to protect communities

Adapts to all types of terrain

Parallel placement to the terrain

The hydraulic grid is placed on a 15-meter-high metal support structure, which coincides with the average height of the most common tree canopies, leaving the water mist sprayers oriented towards the top of the structure. This way, when misting, the system is self-protected from high temperatures by the misted water.


This arrangement is ideal for areas with a high risk of wildfires. The system is capable of protecting a strip of up to 85 meters, thanks to the high-power sprinklers located around its perimeter, being able to stop the advance of large-scale wildfires.

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Placement perpendicular to the terrain

Alternatively, the system can be placed perpendicular to the ground, forming a 15-meter-high fence-like structure. This arrangement is ideal for areas with limited space, irregular terrain, or steep slopes, offering protection in minimal space.


 The barrier respects wildlife by providing sufficient space for the crossing of wild animals.


Wildfire installation


Hydro Firebreak is installed in a cleared area of ​​100 meters, guaranteeing the containment of large fires. The installation features automatic activation systems and independent electricity and water facilities that are not connected to the public grid.

Components of the Installation
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Early Warning System

A group of wireless temperature sensors placed in the forest at least 200 meters away from the protected zone informs the automated central system of any changes, allowing for activation of the system with sufficient anticipation to moisten combustible material near the system.

hydro firebreak 03

The hydraulic grid has temperature sensors that inform of the state of the fire in the vicinity, allowing for anticipated decisions required for fire control.


The grid also includes a series of light and sound beacons that allow firefighting teams to identify the location of the firebreak, whether from the ground or the air.

Hydrant Line

The system includes a hydrant line halfway between the hydraulic grid and the protected zone (50 meters). These hydrants, located at intervals of 30 meters, allow for the manual extinguishing of volatile particles with fire that may escape the reach of the hydraulic grid due to high winds.


This is a redundant safety system designed for cases where high winds transport fire particles. The hydrants also allow for moistening the area closest to homes or protected zones.

hydro firebreak ssitema
Water and Power Generator Systems

The system is designed to have an independent water supply, for which a high-capacity tank is installed in the fire-protected zone.


This tank is associated with an automated activation pressure pump so that when a fire is detected, water is immediately released into the system to initiate the water mist spray.



Scalability and Modularity

The system is modular, allowing for the protection of large areas by connecting multiple interconnected modules.


Automated Activation

The system incorporates temperature sensors that trigger the sprinkler system automatically.


Each system incorporates high-powered sprinklers capable of wetting areas up to 35 meters away, expanding the protected zone.


Control of Fire Propagation

The system uses a barrier of water mist to lower the temperature, controlling the factors that contribute to fire propagation.


Self-sufficient System

With its independent water tank and solar-powered generators, the installation is self-sufficient and can operate autonomously.


Redundant Systems

A line of fire hydrants in the cleared containment area ensures the extinguishing of fire particles carried by the wind.

HYDRO FIREBREAKIt has a patent in force worldwide. The exploitation rights of the patent are available for negotiation or license. This is a great opportunity for investors or companies looking for new markets with innovative products. 


If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information about exploitation and distribution rights, please contact us through the form or write to us at

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